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Organizational effectiveness

Do you have trouble allocating your resources efficiently and meeting your company’s objectives? Our organizational effectiveness program includes performing a thorough business analysis and provide you with change frameworks to ensure that your organization is as effective as it should be.

How we do that?

Assess Current Business Processes and Objectives

Identify and Prioritize Opportunities for Processes/Operations effectiveness

Design and Implement Improvement Solutions

Implement Sustainable Cost Reduction and Better Cash Flow

Improve Business Performance and Profit

HR transformation

One of the major challenges that companies face is the proper allocation of human resources to ensure effectiveness, motivation and growth. Through our HR Transformation program, we provide you with strategic HR advise and implement solutions to ensure that your teams are best positioned to grow and excel within the company.

How we do that?

Assessment of Current situation

Building a stronger team through HR talent assessment and development (recruitment and organizational design)

HR process mapping and development of policies

Elaboration of employee benefit plan and administration

Employee management

Transition to a more efficient system with HR sourcing and technology

HR consultancy and coaching

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Business growth

Are you ready to expand your business in the global arena? Shifting from a local player to a global strategist is not an easy task and it concerns the organization as a whole. Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, our Business Growth Plan was designed to facilitate business scaling, while allowing the development of customized solutions and hands-on approach.

How we do that?

Assessment of Current operations

Formulation of Strategy and Enhancement of Vision

Business Planning

Operating model design

Geographical Growth Implementation Plan

Sales & Profit Growth Plan

Turnaround Processes

Design of Internal Marketing Strategy

Business Transformation & Turnaround

Working from the top management down, our long-term transformation and turnaround programs involves analysis, planning and execution of strategic change processes. We help you turn your organization around and lead it into the future, re-engineering the culture and processes using more integrated operating models.

How we do that?

Assessment of Current situation

Formulation of Transformed Strategy and Vision

Business Planning

Integrated Operating model design

Re-engineering Implementation Plan

Turnaround Processes

Design of Internal Marketing Strategy

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business transformation

Change Management

If your company is need for transition or transformation of its goals, processes and technologies, our change management program helps you implement strategies for effecting change, controlling change and helping people to adapt to the change. In the context of adding value to our partnerships, our program takes into consideration how an adjustment or replacement will impact processes, systems and employees within the organization.

How we do that?

Assessment of the cultural landscape of the company and of organizational readiness to change

Planning processes for implementing change, communicating, testing and documenting change and process for evaluating its effects

Design of process for addressing uncertainty and resistance

Design performance evaluation systems